"Warren Beasley" is a supporting character and a semi-antagonist in Atomic Puppet (Series).


He has a red brown (maroon) hair with only sides cut-off, he's slender-built, a little much like Joey, has a square head, and has freckles on both sides of his cheek, he wears a brown squared glasses, a red violet shirt with a skull logo in the middle and a brown pants.


He more likely an energetic person for instigating as well as known for wanted attention, especially since in "Atomic Android", he's been busy spying on Joey, despite of living next door to Joey, and to figure out he's hiding something, he adruptly figured the Joey was no more than Atomic Puppet itself, much to Joey's chargin, Joey and AP assigned an robotic caricature of themselves in order to get Warren into thinking that the android is really the real one, instead of Joey himself, however it went out of control as the robot was on target to destroy Warren, as they chase him into the haunter house, thereby, he was frighten by a bunch of scary stuff that pop out of nowhere.



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Behind The Scenes


Warren's original designs

  • Originally the design for Warren had either been significantally altered in some difference:
    • In the first design, he was orignally had a very different appearance as his head shape, rather than sqaure, is heavily similar to either the background characters, and in addition of it, he appeared tall and looked more goth and was originally was going to appear older (but rather a teenager) than Joey and Pauline.
    • The second one, which would later would be his final design (with some changes upon) where he had dark brown hair, wore glasses, has pimples on the face, a black shirt with a turquiose blue logo, and navy blue jeans, cut to where his original shoes is at and orignally was accompany a pet rat.
    • The third and fourth design were closely similar to each other, the third one looked less colorful and had pale purple skin while the fourth one is more colorful and has normal skin, but however both were obese and wore glasses as the second one, both had overalls, the fourth has yellow buttons the other one doesn't and also the third one had the same hairstyle as the second while the fourth has a extra hair on the other side.