Vivian Felt is a recurring character of Atomic Puppet (Series), She is the Mother of Joey and Abby, and wife of Phil.

Appearance and Personality

She has browm and orange medium length hair, fair-skinned, has two pearl earings, and slender built, and wears a beige colored, short-sleeve sweater with 3 red diamonds and a red skirt and black shoes.

Vivian is described as a Joey's sweet-loving mom, who loves most of her family, including Mookie, who AP and Joey dislike, in most of her episode appearance, she often cleans, especially clothes, there was a point was she rarely get angry at the point, except when she was abruptly controlled by Mudman, and in Big Blowout was hit with the green slime caused by the Mucus Monster, that made not only her, but others aggressive and causually ranting.


Joey Felt

As the mother of Joey, she and him rarely speak much, but more in the moderate, she usually (but sometimes) babys a bit to Joey as he sees it as embrassing, but at times, both are usually care for each other.

Phil Felt




Abby Felt



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