Usher is a minor character in Atomic Puppet (Series). He only appeared in "Sold Out".


He appears as skinny, fair-skinned, has bumps on certain parts of his face, has a messy brown hair, long nose, and wears a theater uniforn, which consists red shirt with a gold shoulder pad, a black bowtie, and yellow buttons, and consists a dark maroon pants and dark brown shoes.


He's mostly a no nonsense person and that doesn't tolerate any shenanigans (especially from the likes of Mookie And Joey), while giving this a annoyed appearance, he goes by rule of the book, hence preventing anyone from trying to do anything that might end up him getting fired, since he's claimed that he's been training whiole month, he was mostly annoyed by Joey (who tried to get the tickets, but failed due to the distraction cause by Mookie), who trying to sneek in without being detected, who figured out about Joey's plan when he busted him for outright lying to him to go see a different movie, which led Joey having now with no intentions with the guy, who everyone was constanly breaking the rules which led to the guy no choice but to construct a giant robot to take out on everyone's rule breaking, but however after he failed to follow the warnings about the robot in case of malfunctioning ended up going out of control, resulted the guy to need help to escape, but as Pauline made a deal that if Joey saves him, he has to get them two free tickets, which he accepts as long as Joey rescues him.


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