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Ultimate Collection Gallery Transcript

Ultimate Collection is the 15th episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Joey discovers a dark secret when he obtains some Captain Atomic memorabilia.[1]


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Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • It revealed that Joey has been collecting majority of Captain Atomic's action figure, up about 132 so far.
    • Most of it has to be up to 133 in which it was sold to Mintenberg, which is currently destroyed.
    • However due to the fact that Joey has 133, more are shown in a briefcase that he has looks a bit inconsistent, as due to the size of the figure, the briefcase only show at least 20 in it as it would be impossible to fit it all at once in it as it will require at least 12 to fit in.
    • As shown this picture, there are only 6 different types of the figure and more of the same ones than any different type.
  • This is the first episode where a flashback showed a bad relationship between as Captain Atomic and the other person (such as Inkwood and Toymaker).

Episode Notes

  • On the outside front of the convention center, there are 4 posters that seen, one has Captain Atomic [2], Cavalier[3], Robo-Ron[4] and Beacon[5].
    • These pictures can be see on the fan page of the Atomic Puppet website, some of them showed that they made in 1998.

Cultural References

  • During Hero Con, there are a few people who is cosplaying heroes from real life movies:
    • A woman in white robe with a double buns on her hair is a reference to Princess Leia from the Star Wars Movie series.
    • A Guy with yellow hair and who is carrying a sponge on a stick is referencing the character, Thor.
    • The Brown-Haired Guy is seen cosplay as Hellboy/
    • Mr. Mckinnon is also seen wearing a costume similar to Robin from the DC Comics series.
      • However his costume colors are blue, yellow and green, but in the DC comics, Robin actually has red, green and yellow, not with blue.
    • A guy next to him, is seen with a Trooper mask, basely from also the Star Wars series.
  • Hero Con is a parody of Comic-Con.