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Survival Of The Feltest is the 23rd episode of Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


On a father-son survival trek, Joey learns that not all problems can be solved with super powers.


Begins in a wooded area, out away from Mega City, and all the sudden a loud shouting noise from Joey's father, Phil, calling his name in perl, which woke Joey fearfully scared, while bumped his face by the wood support, fell down by his face, running rapidly while calling and finding AP as he checked the dress, but wasn't there, while Phil yelled again, which Joey grabbed a tennis racket while running out the door, as he opened the door whiie screaming, and the paused and figured that it was just a recording on an tape from the radio, which Phil turned it off and while checking the his watch, which set on a timer that said 35.2 seconds, which Phil assumed that Joey is a few seconds late and explained that he is half away of being ravaged, which led Joey in a pause and figured that it was no more than a test, while Phil explained in a exasperated way of describing that it was a survival test and also explained that Joey a few seconds late and also prompted to take Joey with him on a father-son survival trek, however as Joey went in to go find AP, which Phil had him the whole time, but however Joey chucked and embarrassingly added by saying why do he would take AP with him, but Phil added that the weekend was supposed to be between him and Joey, and added to Joey that all he can do is at least rid AP for which he calls him a "Ridiculous Puppet" which Joey tossed over behind him while the door shut, while AP awake, and as Joey and Phil, trailed off, speaking to Joey over the horizon, while AP, explaining that anything that Phil said and acclaimed that isn't survival, he also added that looking evil in the eyes and into some mission and finally call it survival, while AP is looking for any entertainment, from final any magazine to read, and finding a station on the radio, checking out on a weird mask with a tie that splashes water on AP, to watching TV.

Now as Joey, tired as he went up the hill, while trying to find Phil, which popped out, scaring Joey, which put him in defense, which Phil laughed as he referring to Joey of a six year on crutches with a weak hand and also added to Joey on some explaining to do, which he explain that one really has to scare nature by screaming loud which he did, and as Joey did, which wasn't loud enough, while as Phil grabbed a few sticks and tied one of them with the string, which forms into a wooden chair, while sitting on it, while Joey grabbed a few pieces of sticks, and tried to tie them but once agin Phil screamed as it scared Joey, but desperately sees it as a failure, while trailing, while stopped as Phil said to Joey that did he hear something, which Joey assumed to be Wolves, but however which was nothing but Phil having intestinal gas as running towards a leaf with a hole, which Joey said in disbelief, but Phil described the leaf as a alternative to a toilet paper, but Joey said that they never have it a home, while suddenly Phil prompted to relieve himself hidden by a bush and asked Joey to take a walk.

While back in the cabin, AP continuously watching tv while eating cheese curls, but realized that it's all gone, and as the Tv shut off, leaving AP to try to fix it, but got the screen working but however but recognize a raccoon was inside from which it jumps out the screen and rolling with AP alongside, as AP tries to remove the raccoon, but slid through as the raccoon seen licking on a trail of chesse from AP, as he puts in defense, the raccoon stared at him but licking his hand being covered with cheese, but the raccoon constantly chases AP, causing a ruckus.

At sunset where Phil and Joey are headed on top as wanting to see a nice view of the sun setting as a Joey calls it incredible but Phil seems to think Joey aren't actually having fun but Joey explained that he seriously explained that he's having fun, as Phil as heading on a different trail Joey explained that the trail is the other way, while Phil ignored, but as they went up, Joey saw a sign that showed that no one should trail up there which may lead to falling as Joey explained to Phil that this is Gorthenmonker's Gorge, referring that he might fall indefinitely, but as Phil took a turn and suddenly fell, as Joey ran to see where Phil had landed in, but finally saw him, he prompted to get help, which leaves Phil uncertain as he called Joey a few times, while back at the cabin, AP set up a trap for the raccoon by leaving some can of tuna, but which it attracted a family of raccoon coming towards it, the can flipped and spilled tuna all over AP and fell into the trap, leaving him stuck in a cage as a swarm of raccoon furiously surrounded the cage, just as a Joey entered and noticed the raccoons, as Joey tried to scare them, almost in a way that Phil did, but does it differently but yelling and banging the pan, which chase them away and freed AP and powered up, but as the return find where a Phil fell at, he was not there and heard him screaming far away as they followed the sound

As for Phil, who was being chased by a gang of wolves, but with the white wolf, grabbed and rip Phil's shorts, leaving him in his underwear, while the rest were blocked, as Phil was stopped at a tree, and had no choice but to rip off his shirt to use as to glide along the tree branch, but as Joey and AP impale the tree with the wolves alongside, leading to crash towards a gorge, while for Phil being chased with now a lone wolf leading him to the edge of the cliff, for which the wolf pounced on him with both falling off the cliff and into the river, which AP and Joey followed and set up something for Phil to reach as both deactivate, as Phil headed towards the log while Joey tried to toss the rope towards Phil to grab it, and finally got up and hugged Joey for rescuing him, as Joey explained a bit of what he apparently learned from Phil, and as Joey said that they should stay out and camp out which Phil decided not to do as instead taking him to the nearest motel and stated to Joey to should or should not tell his mother and walked off as AP and Joey did a Victory pose.



  • The episode pun word is "Survival of the Fitest".
  • The title card shows Joey appear in camoflauge.
  • This is the 2nd time that the episode is not taken place in Mega City.
  • When AP mentions a tick, it is questionable whether it is relatable to Marty The Tick, who appeared in Tick'd Off, which it proceeded after this episode.




Atomic Puppet Survival Of The Feltest Official Disney XD UK

Atomic Puppet Survival Of The Feltest Official Disney XD UK