Sick Day Gallery Transcript

Sick Day is the first episode of Atomic Puppet.


When Joey gets sick for the first time since he and Captain Atomic fused together, Mookie schemes to replace them.


The episode starts with Joey lying in his bed and refusing to go out because he's too sick. AP tries to convince him to get out of bed to fight evil, before pathetically begging. He succeeds and they power up but when they try to fly off Joey sneezes and launches them through his bedroom roof. The next scene starts at a boy helping an old lady cross the street when Mookie cuts in to help instead. But when he spots AP and Joey on the bus he quickly abandons her to taunt them. After the bus drives off Mookie realizes that since Atomic Puppet's too sick to save the day, it's his chance to take all the glory for himself.

Joey and AP step off the bus, or more accurately, AP drags him off. They don't go far before Joey sits on a nearby bench to rest and. Suddenly, Joey sneezes and dust bunnies are terrorizing the streets. Mookie, now calling himself "Captain Subatomic", declares that he'll protect the city from the monsters. AP gets riled up and tries to take on the monsters but Joey sneezes and they crash through a building.

Soon afterwards Mookie saves the city from a flock of gigantic dust bunnies and gains the admiration of the citizens from the dust bunnies by sucking the dust monsters up in his device. Then he pledges to keep the city safe. The people cheer for him and he flies off, which leaves a bitter AP ranting about how they should of gotten the glory. Joey's fine as long as the city is safe so they start to head home, when AP sneezes and propels them backwards. On the way home they damage the city with their sneezes. Mookie is shown ditching the dust monsters under the football field. At home Joey and AP are bickering, with AP complaining about how he's never gotten sick before. Then Mookie comes by to gloat and is happily invited by Vivian. After she leaves to make cookies he learns that AP is sick too, laughs, and turns on the tv to show the people cheering for him. He tells AP that since the city can only have one hero so he may as well give up, and that he's been honored at the football field tonight. After that he leaves, and AP is deeply hurt by his words. Later on Joey and AP are in bed watching Mookie's celebration when the dust monsters burst out from under the field. In a fit of anger he admits that he created them and gets cups and tomatoes thrown at him. Joey motivates Atomic Puppet to power up with him so they can stop them and they rush downtown. Mookie is attempting to recapture them while Atomic Puppet shows up. At that moment Mookie's device runs out of power and he starts to fall out of the sky, so they save him. Then they quickly clean up the town and get the dust monsters clumped together in the sky. After an atomic punch does nothing to them, they inhale the dust, then use a superpowered sneeze to blow them away. The townspeople cheer them on while Mookie pouts from inside the city bus then he begins to sneeze as he may had caught what Joey and AP had. They fly by so AP can gloat and the episode ends.



  • As Joey mentioned "screaming abdabs", which is actually means "A state of extreme nervousness".
    • It also referred as "Habdabs" in a Alternative term.
    • It also heavy referencing to a 1980's English R&B band, The Screamin' Ab Dabs.
  • This episode was later mentioned or referenced in "Big Blowout, as Vivian mentions about Mookie.[1]