Rudolph Mintenberg is a minor character of Atomic Puppet (Series).


He's a slender man who has medium tan skin and a slick brown hair, in a rolled up hairstyle with a stride of gray hair beneath the neck, his color attire is satin purple and dark and light gold, as he only wears a robe with linings and sashes, has white socks and kitten-like slippers


As a rich man, who lives alone and often bored due to having no one to entertain other than Joey and AP, who in Ultimate Collection, has the only Captain Atomic action figure sold, and before Joey gets it, he has to destroy the robot, which it lasted a second, and in AP vs. Disastro II, he invented a special cat food in order to make cats "smart", but backfire as it cause Joey's Cat, Bubbles to become a evil genius, however he did created a antidote as to reverse the defect.

As most of the time whenever he invents, if it is involving a animal or anything, ends up being more antagonistic or morever of him doing anything devious.



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  • In "Something Chicken", he used to open a fast food restaurant called "Rudy's Jumbo Cluckers".