Robo-Ron is a minor character and a protagonist in Atomic Puppet (Series).


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Much like the others, his history remains unknown, in his first appearance, he and the others came to earth in search of a new member of their group and later prompted to find AP, who from their scanners detected the presence of the Mega City's Hero.


Robo-Ron is a cyborg, much like Beacon, except mainly the face, which he has brown skin and black sideurns, his head contains a brain in side the purple casing on top of his head, his color attire consists white, black, gray and purple, he is medium-sized, he wears a purple visor on his eyes, a black and gray robotic arms and and a white torso with three gauges up top and slot that opens and prints up information controlled by himself, and has a tank tread on both sides acting as his feet.




He's mostly a friend of Cavalier, who is his leader of the group, although in most of his appearances, he usually prints up a paper with Cavalier reading it as his yet only way of translation.


He is a friend of Beacon, mostly of the time they rarely ever spoke, due to them not willing to speak as they cannot.






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  • His appearance is basically similar Cyborg from the Teen Titans Series.
  • In Mole Men, he also has his own very rare action figure that Joey plan on getting it as the quantity is very low due to being either rare or less popular.
  • His weakness is the electromites as in Absorbo-Lad, by which it infects and disables most of its circuits but it was never shown on Robo-Ron (Like in Justice Alliance) except on Absorbo-Lad as a example.