Rex Bordeaux is a reccuring character and Mega City's News Reporter of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Rex made a career out of covering Captain Atomic’s over the top heroics. Every night he was guaranteed a “Top Story” that would blow his viewer’s socks off! Now without Captain Atomic to cover, Rex has been reduced to covering every small story he can get his hands on and is counting on Atomic Puppet to be the hero he needs to cement his spot as “Mega City’s #1 Newsman”.[1]


Rex is a slighty slender man who has pink skin, a brown hair and mustache, and wears a red violet siut topping with a white collar with a blue and gray tie and wears a purple violet dress pants and brown shoes.



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  • He looks similar to Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.
  • In Media Darlings, his mustache is actually fake.
  • He owns a penthouse as in Media Darlings.
  • When he appeared in the Pilot, he is not voiced by David Huband, but rather voiced by an unnamed male voice actor which his name is not revealed nor listed as the pilot had no credits.