There are Rules that had to be laid in order to keep the wiki in a safe enviroment, so anything that is considered harsh, cruel, indirect, disrespectful or dangerous is a result of being banned from here.

Age Limitations

As All wiki sites states by the rule spearheaded by Wikia:

  • A User must be 13 or older in order to fullfill the recommendations applied by Wikia
  • If a user who is a underage (younger than 13), will result of being banned from the wiki.

Admin Rights

Depending on a user who is a Bureaucrat or Administrator, they have the final say on a user, who wanted to acquired users, whether the user will meet the requirements or the Admin states the number of Admins, Bureaucrats, etc. can be or they vote or pick a number of various users who should be picked to acquire rights. In order for a user to meet the recommendations.

  • A User has to be more active on the wiki.
  • Users must be respectful to others and not cause conflict on a another user over a various reasons.
  • A User must follow the rules to try keep the wiki safe from harm.
  • Before users edit anything, they must have the right source of information to make sure that others will understand correctly on what's going on.
  • A User should not rush to do more edits than others does, doing so many just to persuade admins for rights are not permitted.

Rights Requirements

This will indicated users on how many they should do at least for awhile in order to meet the requirement:

  • Bureaucrats = 800 or more - Has to be active more than 6+ months total
  • Administrators = 550 or more - Has to be active more than 5+ months total
  • Discussion/Content Moderators = 250 or more - Has to be active more than 4+ months total
  • Rollback/Patrollers = 120 or more - Has to be active more than 3+ months total
  • Chat Moderator = 75 or more - Has to be active more than 2+ months total
  • Image Controller = 50 or more - Has to be active more than a month
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