Princess War Tickle is a minor supporting character and a heroine of Atomic Puppet (Series).


She's apparently taller than any norman human, appears slightly-muscular-built, she has a long, knee-length, maroon-colored hair, fair-skinned, has a mole on the right cheek, and wears a blightly gold helmet with a pikn diamond, a light gold and caramel shoulder pads, a maroon wristband with gold shield pads, a dark gold leggings, and wears a maroon warrior dress with gold lining and a gold buckled belt.


Shw is mainly independent, and courage that she willing to undermine any villain and enemies that she fought in a while, she speak with a middle-age english accent despite of her saying for example "Taketh". She is more a bit lean to Joey that she did not viewed him as a nuisance as she sees to AP.




Their history remained unknown, it may have been a possible that AP knew about her when he heard the sound that Pauline made that almost sounded similar to what Princess would say as a battle cry, despite of the differences, he usually refer her as "The Second Greatest Hero", although this was said out of jealously.

However her relationship with AP became heavily strained as in The Switch, she described as overbearing and somewhat constanly get on her nerves as a explained reason of why she didn't want to invite him to the Heroes-Villain Truce party as in Truce or Consequences, due to AP being a nuisance to everyone, it could be that she more annoyed with AP than any other enemies that she dealt with before.


At first, she thought that Joey and AP was perceived as a threat, by tying both down with the lasso even though Joey end up confession a little about his secret, though Princess wasn't trying to think of it, by after realizing a bit from Joey, who stated that his friend, Pauline, who got a hold of Princess War Tickle's sword, as he need War Tickle's help to get Pauline free from the power of sword.

In later episodes, she seems to get along well with Joey as well as more likely to put trust on him than AP likely.


After what she learned from Joey who told her about her missing sword and claiming that Pauline has it and wend out of control with, leading War-Tickle to go after and take back her sword from Pauline, as they went head to head during the battle, as it played as a diversion in order for them to get the sword from Pauline, as Pauline described her as cool and refer her as "The Greatest Superhero".


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  • She basically similar to that of Wonder Womanfrom the DC Comics Series andXena, the Warrior Princess.