Phil Felt is a supporting character of Atomic Puppet (Series), he is the father of Joey Felt and Abby Felt, and husband of Vivian Felt.


He appears as burly man, he has dark brown hair with a gray hair on the back of the head and a mustache, he wears a maroon shirt with red lining in the middle, a dark purple shorts, and wears sandals with white socks.


Phil Felt is a no-nonsense kind of dad and proud of it. He thinks kids have to toughen up and learn how to use their bare hands to make it in this world. Phil believes “Boys should live hard, work hard, play hard!” and he has high expectations for Joey. No kid of his is gonna’ be soft!  Helmets, elbow-pads, video games have ruined kids forever! And don’t get him started on his son walking around all day with that “stupid puppet” (for which it angers AP, who's willing to get a hold of him) hanging out of his pocket!

He has thing for the love of eating pickles (as explained in "Big Pickle), he uses a special jar (that locks up automated) to keep them from anyone trying to get a hold of his pickles. He has a obsession for Bubbles the Cat that he loves Bubbles so much, that in most episodes involving Bubbles is often a nuisance to AP (who refer Bubbles As Disastro at one point), and expected his son. Joey to take extremely good care of Bubbles as he has to take him to places such as a pet fashion show (AP vs. Disastro) or get him to be groomed up (Atomic Hairball).


Bubbles Felt

While Bubbles is Phil's mostly favorite as he seems to be a bit attached to Bubbles more than that his family, he usually more sensitive if anyone tries to either hurt, say or do anything that is harmful or offensive to Bubbles, like for instance in AP vs. Disastro, he assumed that Joey was responsible for thinking or saying that Bubbles is evil, in despite that he is not aware of AP's personal problem to Bubbles, it was towards that point where he forced Joey to take Bubbles to the city's pets con event.

Joey Felt


Vivian Felt


Atomic Puppet (Character)

There not much know between both since both never realistically interacted, however in Atomic Goo, he refer Joey's puppet as Stupid, and as far as AP concerned, he mostly at the point of trying to come after Phil for calling him that, Phil views him as he sees Joey, morever hangs around AP than with Phil and the rest of the family, however at the point catching in The Big Shift (Part I & II), he was questionable about Captain Atomic's disappearance and literally states about thw whole search on Captain Atomic, for what he called it a waste of time, and negatively added that he purposely abandoned the residents and went elsewhere, which led AP to grow intensively angered of Phil had said, in the final part of the episode, when he tried to slam Mookie into the garage door in order to save AP, but when Mookie was willingly shot a blaster at Joey, but Phil blocked which led him being shocked in pain, leaving Joey no choice but to power up, with Phil around, until he finally realizes that Joey and AP, is actually Atomic Puppet, and figured that AP can talk, when Joey and AP escape from Mookie, who grew into madness in power, trying to strike at them, as the blast radius expands, leaving Phil, who trying to escape the blast, was finally carried by Joey, at the end, he figured out about the secret the whole time, but did not retailate and AP and him finally spoke, but AP literally slapped Phil in the face for calling him Stupid, however, Phil managed to hope to keep it a secret as long as Vivian and rest doesn't know.


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  • According to the Atomic Puppet twitter, Phil's favorite type of pickle is Polski Ogorki, which stand for "Polish Cucumbers" or Pickled Cucumbers".[1]
  • As in The Big Shift (Part I & II), he's now the third person to now know Joey's and AP's Identity.
  • In Survival Of The Feltest, he seems to know more about surivival in nature than that of Joey, although some had failed which led to fallen off the gorge and for being chased by a gang of wolves.
  • In Atomic Hairball, he has an actual merchandise made from his cat, Bubbles.