Pauline Bell is a supporting character of Atomic Puppet (Series). She is a friend of Joey Felt and Atomic Puppet (Character).


She has a hot pink hair and fair-skinned, who wears a dark navy blue beret with a dark navy blue sleeveless jacket, pants, and boots, and also wears lavender shirt with fuchsia lining with a striped wristband. While in "Sword Sisters", she wore a golden tiara-like helmet with wings on both sides, and wore a dark maroon skirt, topping, and armbands on the elbow and wrist, and a dark red maroon cape, with a gold amulet, and wears a brown gold rollerskates with maroon colored wheels.


Pauline is possibly the only person who knows more inane superhero minutiae than Joey and it drives him insane! In fairness, Pauline’s comic knowledge is in her DNA; her uncle owns the local comic shop and she has been raised on super-hero mythology since she was a tiny know-it-all. Pauline is self-assured, quick-witted, and impulsive.  She loves to taunt “the puppet” and takes great pride in pushing his buttons.


Joey Felt

Pauline and Joey have been best friends for years, and as a result they are very close. Pauline often looks out for Joey, showing concern when he is in trouble or upset.

Atomic Puppet (Character)

Pauline and AP do not get along very well unless they have to. The only reason they interact at all is because they are both Joey's friends.



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  • Despite of her being a friend of AP and Joey, She's the only person (who is neither a villain or hero) that knows about Joey using Captain Atomic's power by using AP.
    • However another person, Warren, who figured about AP and Joey's Identity, as the second person that knew about it, alongside with Phil in The Big Shift (Part I & II).
  • In Bucket List, it is revealed that she's been Joey's friend since they were 3 years old.

Behind The Scenes


The Original Design of Pauline

  • Despite of her changes in design, according to the character designer, Dean Heezen, her original design (See picture aside).
    • The first one had light blue hair with a yellow-green hankierchief, a white cap with a skull logo aside and wore intensely a skirt with black belt.
    • The second one had fuchsia, with a dark purple hankierchief and had wore similar clothing but with a different color.
    • While the thrid one was different, which she had slightly a different clothing, such as she wore a navy blue hoodie and her shirt is slightly longer than the 2 previous design, and wore a diferent shoes and also dons a backpack.