Naughty Kitty is a vilain of Atomic Puppet (Series). She Appeared in "AP vs. Disastro".


She appeared to wear some sort of a black cat costume with a skirt, gloves, boots, a black and purple leggings, and has long magenta hair, nose, lips, and eyebrows, a long black cat mask with green eyes (not natural ones), a light purple headband, cat teeth, and faux cat whiskers.


She has a possession of wanting to steal any cat she favors of, however based on her appearance, and display feline-like personality although, after seeing AP, who she thinks he looks like cat in a different way rather than what cats normally looked like, she say some cat puns for example: "Cat got your tongue", she able to perform somersaults in order to outwit anyone, including Joey.



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  • Most of her personality are heavily based on Catwoman, who was played and portrayed by celebrity, Eartha Kitt.
    • However according to the character designer, Steve Lambe, who designed the character, acclaimed that her design was heavily based on the Colombian actress, Sofia Veraga and also inspired by Eartha Kitt also by impersonation.

Portions of the character's design and inspiration

    • Also the design (see picture aside) also has some notable differences, such as the changes in the character's appearance.