Mega City is an suburban/urban metropolis and it's a hometown to Joey Felt and Atomic Puppet.


Mega City contains a number of buildings in different shapes and sizes as it has about only four tallest buildings which the one in the middle is the city's currently tallest.

The city well-known iconic hero was used to be Captain Atomic, who disappeared for unknown reasons (although Mookie is mainly responsible for turning AP into puppet) even though his stature can be found in the city's park (where his former headquarters is placed at) and it's downtown park.


Known Locations

Known People


  • The exact location of the city is unknown, it assumed that it is somewhere between northwest of US.
    • However in These Shoes, as Joey was running with the power shoes, on a scene where the shoes jettisoned Joey outside of Earth, a stream of light showed that Mega City maybe located in Canada
  • The exact population is 600,000 as in The Big Shift (Part I & II), although due to the fact, the city that large, seems to have way more than just 600,000 in total.