Joseph "Joey" Felt is the main character and a protagonist of "Atomic Puppet (Series)". He is the partner for Atomic Puppet (Character).


Joey Felt, a 12-year-old, who literally holds the power in his hand to reactivate Captain Atomic’s superpowers.


He has a long, dark reddish brown hair that sticks up, he is incredibly thin, by his arms and legs, although his torso is mostly wider but shorter than his leg and arms are, he has a brown freckles on both sides of the face.


To See more of Joey's Attire designs, See Joey Felt/Attire he wears a light olive green jacket, a white shirt with red lining and it has a "Captain Atomic" logo in the middle, a dark olive green pants and black and white sneakers.

He also has two pajamas, the first is more of the footed type, it consists royal red on top and turquoise blue more on the middle and the bottom.

The second one is a black shirt with a yellow Captain Atomic logo and a blue pajama pants with a lot of small white logos on every part of the pajama pants much like how his shirt has.

While having Captain Atomic's power activated, he dons the similar incarnation as Captain Atomic's incarnation of its color attire, such as consisting a royal red, medium turquoise blue and gold yellow on each parts of its costume, while some additions parts are the red goggles, a two side-winged headpiece, a yellow cape, a thick red boots, and with a Captain Atomic Logo in the middle.

In "Worm Boy", he wore a Slikworm suit, consisting parts that is made similar to a realistic slikworm, it is made of silk.


Through all the years Joey spent with his nose buried in comics, never in his wildest dreams did he think one day he’d actually get to be a super-hero! But when his idol Captain Atomic is transformed into a puppet named AP, Joey discovers he can re-activate the puppet’s super powers by placing him on his fist. In most of it in terms of AP, who usually tends to take things in direct of his way, as AP doesn't always agree much with Joey if things don't go his way and can lead Joey suspect able to troubles caused by AP's shenanigans, as Joey tries to get AP to stop trying to go further into trouble as ignorant as AP does this at least once a while, Joey seems to be more of the brains while AP is mostly brawn.


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  • His hairstyle is basically similar to the character Jimmy Neutron From the nick Cartoon Of The Same Name. as wel as the Trolls dolls series.
  • In Ultimate Collection, he's revialed to basically having a large collection of Captain Atomic action figures that he collects over the years, All 142 (Since the 143 got Destroyed).
  • Joey maybe considered as Mixed-Handedness as in Atomic Detention, he has been able to write on between right and left-hands.
  • In "Bucket List", when he was 6 years old, he personally wanted to be a ninja, before being a superhero hence meeting AP as he later was.
  • In episodes (Justice Alliance, Atomic Android, Quick Draw, Atomic Goo, Bucket List, Bend It Like Joey, and Hero's Holiday), due to the way how Joey's arms are designed, it has infrequently called "Spagetti Arms" by a few times by mainly AP and one time by Rex Bordeaux, making it at least considered as a running gag in some episodes.