Commander Cavalier is a minor supporting character and a leader of the Justice Alliance (Group). He first appeared in Justice Alliance, alongside with Beacon and Robo-Ron.


His origin however is unknown, of how he met Captain Atomic and the others itself, however in their first appearance, when they first landed on Earth, to seek a new member after Captain Atomic who disappeared from the group, but however due to scanners detected from the their ship, he prompted to find Atomic Puppet instead, while annoyed by Mookie, who wanted to be part of their, through many attempts, by yet failed, he and the others were trapped by Mookie, who put them in a large bubble-like goo.


He has a much muscular-bulit body, similar to Captain Atomic, he has tan skin and a slightly long platinum blond hair with brown mustache, his color attire is gold and blue violet, as he only wears chestplate with a gold star in the middle, a blue violet glove with a gold lining, gold boots, purple speedos with also gold lining.


As a leader who known to heroism and much into saving people from danger and mostly has a thing when looking in the mirror of how handsome he is, as AP stated that its considered as his weakness as he get stuck on looking at the mirror, which merely distracts him from defeating on any villains until the mirror get removed or broken, However at the further end of the episode, he was questioning about AP who never realized that AP is Captain Atomic in a puppet form and decided to like and accept who AP is and wanted him to rejoin the group, which AP accepted.



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  • As AP stated that they used to look up to him (when as Captain Atomic), implying that they were friends.
  • He and the others were unaware of his disappearance and when Mookie turned AP into a puppet.
  • AP revealed secret that Cavalier sleeps and has an anti-aging tent from his home planet, but it more likely a energy chamber.
  • Unlike Beacon and Robo-Ron, he's the only member of the group that actually talks on a full term.
  • He may be heavily based off of Superman (from DC Comics), due to having the super strength and also adapted a laser vision from his eyes, plus from another home planet, except however Superman's home planet was intensively destroyed.
  • As in Justice Alliance and Absorbo-Lad, his only weakness is looking at himself in the mirror.