Captain Atomic's Headquarters is a former underground hideout that used to belong to Captain Atomic, it only appeared in "Bad Lair Day"


The Headquarters is located in Mega City Park, underneath the Captain Atomic statue, surrounded within the lake, which can only be accessed by the elevator and and bypassing by the rock with the Captain Atomic Logo, which can be activated by a passcode, provided by AP, once activated, the pedestal of statue rises from the lake, which activates a bridge, leading them into the door.

An elevator would bring them straight down towards the main lair, insode of it, which has a cave-like structure, containing a trail of a small river, a ramp for skateboarding, large speakers located between a large tv display on the wall, a shark tank on the left corner of the wall, a large flat stalactite in the middle of the lair, while on the other side has various pictures of Captain Atomic, a few vehicles, a waterfall, which contains a few electronics, a few arcade cabinets, a few speakers installed on the rocks, a jacuzzi, and a bathroom, and a pool room.


Main Article: Bad Lair Day

Joey, who is frustrated of not having any type of privacy, despite of his mother, who keeping interfering him as it annoys him, while AP claims that he know a hideout, which he was referring to the hideout that he used to live in while he was as Captain Atomic, while AP and Joey manage to make their way into the lair, which was however, tookover by no other than Mookie itself, which furious AP saw to his lair was covered with photos of Mookie, and as for Joey, who decide to have a pie-eating contest to who eats the most, wins back the hideout, which Mookie, however lost, leaving the hideout all to joey and AP, as they was having fun, Joey decided to invite people over a hideout housewarming party, which AP detested that it was only meant to kept a secret, which started from Pauline, and then others, while everyone was partying, until someone, Like Professor Tit-Gripp, The Mudman and The Slime Monster, came crasing in the party, attacking everyone else, until Joey had to call in Mookie, who which sung a very lame terrible song that got everyone leaving the hideout, leaving lastly to Joey to used a memory-erasing device to making sure everyone forget about the hideout, at the last appearance of the lair which Mookie, insert a tape of his greatest hits, which AP, Pauline, and Joey, had to leave before the lair exploded, but as Mookie inserted the tape, by a few seconds, the lair was destroyed.