Bubbles Felt is a minor character in "Atomic Puppet (Series)". He first appeared in "AP vs. Disastro".


Phil's pride and joy, the apple of his eye....Bubbles. The family cat. While the rest of the family sees Bubbles as the portly and slightly below intelligence feline that he is, Phil sees Bubbles as the cutest most adorable kitty can in the world! AP on the other hand is convinced that Bubbles is actually an undercover villain names Disastro that has only one take down Atomic Puppet from the inside!


Bubbles is a semi-chubby orange tabby cat, consisting with tiger orange fur with dark brown stripes on each sides of the cat, and with a pale yellow on the belly, the tip of the tail, the mouth and the paw, he wears a dark navy blue collar with a gold necklace.


Despite of how the Felt family describes him, as the family's normal, but dumb cat, he often get into causing trouble, as one time in Atomic Hairball, when AP left a clump of his hair, around where Bubbles got a hold to them and end up become "Cat-zilla", AP is mainly shown distrust on Bubbles and often indiscrimately refers him as "Disastro", but as Joey ignores what AP refers to, however in result of those incidents, he is way too innocient to cause all that despite of whatever he comes across something.



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  • He is refered "Disastro", mentioned by AP, is actually just Bubbles, except has a more evil side.