Big Pickle Gallery Transcript

Big Pickle is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Atomic Puppet gets stuck in a pickle jar.


As Phil sneaks into the kitchen towards the refrigerator, and grab hold of his advanced pickle jar, and happily grab hold of his delicious pickles while doing a savory taste test, and as Joey and AP appears, while trying not to be seen as Joey launches AP on top of the fridge but accidentally falls onto the cereal box as it falls, with Joey trying to distract Phil on one of Joey's dances, which had Phil confused as AP felt towards the pickle jar before Phil had already put the jar back as the jar had automated voice that auto lock the jar, making AP feel as he was stuck forever as Joey had found him in jar and tried to open by failed, even tried pouring hot water on it, but only burnt Joey's hand, leaving the jar to fly out the roof and had rolled into the shed, with Joey carrying a sledge hammer but only had failed but leaving his body tingling as they tried rolling onto it with the steamroller but exploded as they tried to figure who made the jar, turned out to be no more than Dr. Momus, as they went towards his place,but only explained that he could not remove by default as it was only open by authentication by owner's voice, as it leaves on one thing that both have to do is call on Professor Tite-Gripp, who AP knew him as a villain but the only one that can open on those types of jars, and the only way they'll find him is to go to the maximum security island, as they have to sneak past the security guard, however was watching soap opera, While sneaking through the vent and into the cell door where Tite-Gripp is held at, while trying to find the way in, the key was found underneath the rug, as they went, a strange voice is heard as Joey asked if he's the Professor Tite-Gripp, and why the naming as Tite-Gripp explained that he can be useful for opening cans, jars, but as he explained that if Joey can release him so in order to get AP out the jar, so as preceded, as AP finally escaped the jar, but it however had Tite-Gripp escaped, as both went after him as he causing mayhem, with Tite-Gripp questioning on who they are, they described themselves as Atomic Puppet, after they fight continuously, before being knocked out, after them both realized that their tactics are not working, so they decided to head over to Dr. Momus's base an carrying a large pickle jar, while trying to lure Tite-Gripp into it and roll it towards the prison, meanwhile at home where Phil headed to get his pickles as he realized that it was gone, until Joey returned with the large cases of pickles, which enjoyed some and in the fact end with AP eating the Pickle.



  • This is the first episode to show a flashback of Captain Atomic.
    • Hence showing him as Captain Atomic.