Crimson Beacon is a minor character and a Protagonist in Atomic Puppet (Series). He first appeared in Justice Alliance.


Beacon is android much like Robo-Ron, most of his color attire is metal red, white, and orange only on spots of the suit, he has a pale yellow-white hair, which is actally flames itself, a clear orange visor, a medium size nose, and the suit mainly has boarder shoulder pads, chestplate, and gloves and boots.


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Its unclear about his past or how he first met Captain Atomic (now Atomic Puppet) and the rest of the group. As he, alongside with Rob-Ron and his leader, Cavalier, who were in search for a new member and later insisted to find AP, due to the scanners detected to presence of a current hero of Mega City.


For most of his powers are mostly designed for creating a laser-like holographic shapes based on most tasks, as well as creating an object such as he can create a lasso as in Absorbo-Lad, but most of it is for attacks, while his hair can flame up likely.



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  • His design somewhat heavily resembles Iron Man.
    • In addition of it, his powers that he obtains are hevily based off of Green Lantern ,who had a ability of creating a solid object holographically.
    • Hence he is the second character, alongside with Cavalier, who also produces laser.
  • He's the only character with no voice actor nor any speaking lines.
    • Similar to Robo-Ron, who also doesn't speak, but unlike Beacon, he has a voice actor, but only produce a beatbox sound by his mouth, thereby anyone can understand from what he is saying.
  • He is the brains of the group.
  • His only weakness is a prism, which it reflects his laser in a alternating direction.