Basic Rules

  • No spamming.
  • No trolling.
  • No sockpuppeting (Creating multiple accounts to dodge a ban).
  • No hosting links to full episodes of the show.
  • Do not swear on the main site.
  • No swearing in the episode or Character comment section or the Discussion page.
  • Do not swear to other users.
  • Do not necropost (The act of posting on threads that have gone at least a month without replies).
  • Users must only comment 3 times per day and if they go over by little, they will recieve a warning.
  • Never discriminate users or Characters based on characteristics.

Editing Rules

  • Do not vandalize articles or other users' profile pages.
  • No edit wars (Reverting edits back to their old form to spite another user).
  • Do not badge hunt or milk edits.
  • Do not make useless edits.

Chat/Thread Rules

  • Do not idle for too long, idling for more than 5-6 hours will result in a kick. If this becomes a recurring issue, bans will be placed.
  • Do not post ASCII art or Zalgo text, this counts as spam.
  • Do not swear to other users.
  • Do not post long links, lyrics or any other text that will flood the chat.
    • If possible, shorten long links by using TinyURL.