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Atomic Goo is the 19th episode of Season of Atomic Puppet (Series).[2]


Joey and Atomic Puppet become glued together and forced to stay powered up 24/7.[3]


The episode starts in Joey's Room, as AP is flexing in the door mirror, just as Joey got in front of the mirror, fixing his hair, as much as AP's chargin, as Joy explained that he has to get ready for his school picture, by doing something different with his hair, but as AP look through the pictures of Joey in different but embrassing styles from the past school picture day, as AP jokingly laughed on how embrassing these pictures are, as Joey lamented that he thinks that they're be just another embrassing picture, but however AP has a solution for Joey, and digged out a hair gel out of Joey's Dresser, but as Joey poured some into his hand and into his hair, all the sudden it got stuck as Joey qusetioned whether it's a real hair gel, but as AP readed that it's actually an super intensity mega glue, but as AP finds the actually hair gel, Joey rams into his dresser to get AP, as AP is hiding under the bed and all suddden he activated AP, into powering up, until they were unable to deactivate, resulting Joey to remove AP at full force, but with no avail, as the arcade box loosens from the wall, and crashes into Joey, which Phil yelled of what's going on there and calls Joey for dinner, which shocked Joey and AP that they have to find something to cover up, until he enters the kitchen, wearing a brown paraka, a scuba gear, a black and yellow boots, and a green mittens, while Phil questioned Joey of why he's wearing those, but flatly has no idea, until Abby responded saying that "he's a complete dork", while Joey added this as fashion, however when Phil says "It sure beats keeping that puppet danglin' out of your pocket", which AP furiously raises Joey's right hand and tosses the plate of tacos across the wall, while Phil furiously said Joey, but as Joey tries to grass AP from a full rage, as he pretend that he excited that he has the "Taco Jitters", and started shoving a bunch of tacos into his mouth, as he frantically making a mess, with Mrs. Felt responded to him of where his manners, which led Joey tossing another taco over past them, but as Joey tasted the spicy guacamole, causing Joey's face to turn red, and had to drink a full cup of water, as Joey reliefed, resulting most of Felt family on full defense, as Joey frantically run towards his room, as Joey, angered at AP that he's doing this on purpose and almost causing both to get exposes, which AP, carelessly responded that this isn't so bad, and commenced that they stay powered up 24/7, which Joey disagrees and slaps AP, and replies that he still got a family plus school, but as Joey remove his stuff of and went to his bed on the laptop, searching for a solution to remove glue, but as AP responded that they'll need more that just a "little soap and water", since this is a super mega glue. As in the bathroom, with a tub of water, which AP tried to repel himself from getting in the tub, which he stated that he hates getting wet, which pulls AP from the water and tries to pull AP off, which AP said that's not gonna work, until Joey's sister, Abby, yelled to Mrs. Felt that Joey is hogging the bathroom, which Joey pulled, resulting AP's body, fully soaked with water, until he was prompted to leave, in despite of Abby acting fussy.

In one night as Joey sleeps, while sleep talking as he unintentally swings AP back and forth until AP, angered as he energes as he flies as he hits Joey back and forth, as he unable to get him to wake up, while in Joey's dream, it shows an older Joey during graduation, as AP grabs the dipoma, and secondly, a wedding scene, showing AP puting a ring on a female wooden dummy and pans out show Joey and the hideously looking woman, that trying to kiss him, which Joey dislikes, and the final part showing AP and Joey, at a old age, playing horseshoe toss, as AP first toss it, as Joey was about to toss as he slowly strains and ended up accidently defecating into his suit, now cuts backs to AP, waking up Joey, but came to check if he can remove AP, but once again failed, but as AP wanted to go on patrol, but not realize that Joey had to go to school, as Joey is in school, waiting for the kids to pass by, when heading to his locker, to try to remain undercover, just as Joey headed out the locker, Principal Thrope appeared by, and was questioning Joey on what he got on, as Joey falsely make up somethink in order to drove the principal from knowing, as they enter the class, as AP trying to figure of how long that he had to go through most of Joey's class while being undercoved, while in music room, as everyone, including Joey, plays one of the musical instruments, which to AP, who hates as it makes a very uncomfontable sound, which he tried to flee from it, and next in the cooking class, when their muffins were made as AP tries to get it first, but could not be able due to being too hot, and end up flipping it over as it splatered, then ran back to the locker as AP could not ake it anymore as he stated that it never happened when he did to Mookie, which prompted them to go to his house in the basement as they bust in while Mookie was playing a video game, which he kinda figured that AP did the same thing again, just as Mookie's Mom came by, with a large plate of sandwiches, and left, as Joey said that they needed the help to get unstuck, as Mookie replied if he didn't help, as AP added that if he don't, he can kiss goodbye of playing superheroes while Joey still in school, which frantically scared Mookie into prompting to do so and told them to meet him at the Science Center at dark.

At night, where Joey and AP met Mookie to a electronic sphere as Joey questioned about Mookie coming there with a glued toilet seat stuck to his butt, as Mookie replied as it was dark chapter as flashback states, with Joey and AP laughing, as Mookie programmed the sphere to set it at high, but as Joey and AP touched upon the arc, but as they tried removing, but failed again, as Mookie stated that it must of being super charged when both were power up with it, with Mookie to have no choice but to power up, as the arc turns red, which repelled AP, Mookie, and Joey apart, as the powerful arc escape out the window, and started absorbing electricity throughout the city, leaving Joey and AP to go after as Mookie departs, but as they tried to catch it, only once again repelling both back towards the knocked out utility pole, as AP said it has way too much power, with Joey looking at the broken wire, leaving him a idea, which he grab two poles to insert it upon the power arc, which exploded, as the city's power went back on, and the sun rise, they finally separated, with Joey's hair beingpuffed up, Joey realizes about his hair, but ended up taking a picture like that, which AP laughing very hard as funny as it is, as he lastly replied "Things could be a lot worse", lastly in the bathroom, with Mookie coming our the stall, once again he got his butt stuck in the toilet instead and ended with him saying "Classic".


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  • This is the first episode that there were no villains that Joey and AP had to fight.
  • It stated that AP used to did this prank to Mookie in the past.
    • Also hinted that it was one of the reason why AP was turned into a puppet.
  • This is the fourth time that the episode title uses "Atomic".

Production Notes


The Differences between a side-by-side view of the red and blue arcs

  • As Shown in this photo that the electric arc was originally colored blue opposed to red in the current finished verison.

Another example of the color arc changes

  • As followed by the changes on the effects that the ball of electric arc was originally had blue like the first example, except this is more see-through than the completed version, which it had red and bright red in the middle.