Atomic Detention Gallery Transcript

Atomic Detention is the third episode in Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).


Joey gets a detention supervised by his hard-nosed science teacher.


As Joey and classmates are taking a test, AP writing about something which is actually a drawing, with Joey loudly whisper to AP to not to talk during the test, as Ms. Erlenmeyer had heard him, but called off of his name, and looked at him with a serious look, as Joey nervously chuckled while concentrated on the writing and as AP snatch the pencil off of Joey's hand, but as Joey tried to snatch it back, all the sudden as Ms. Erlenmeyer angrily told Joey that there is no talking during the test, but Joey explained that it was more muttering than talking, but figured about the puppet and decided to give a detention.

While at the detention room, with everyone running around and acting wild, A Brown Hair Boy, who confronted on Joey, who was told to write on the chalkboard, as Joey nervously said that he was sent here because of talking during the test, which he explained that it was a Erlenmeyer's test, which it shock the kids and the bully, as Joey falsely acted tough, but as the guy explained that no one tries to mess with Ms. Erlenmeyer, as he said that the last kid who dealt with her, had to spend the rest of his days being as a skeleton in a biology lab, for which the bully fearfully said that to Joey to finish it as he walked off, which leaves Joey to resume writing on the chalkboard.

As time passes by, AP busy trying to get the hamster into shape by tiring him on running on the treadwheel, while Joey snuck back in, as AP tells the hamster to take a break while he walked over and asked Joey of what's taking him too long, as Joey in dismal, told AP that he had to write "I Will Not Talk during the test" a bazillion times on the chalkboard, while AP added that they should've been powered up alreadly while trying to snap his fingers, while Joey exasperately explained that if it wasn't for AP talking, he wouldn't be able to deal with Ms. Erlenmeyer, while AP explain that what Joey is saying that he needed to apoligize to Joey, while Joey shook his head up and down, referring it as a yes, but AP added that he apoligize, but abruptly said that heroes don't apoligize and prompted to power up, but Joey added that it's not gonna happen, as he showed his right hand, damaged, to AP in shock, as he suggested a comeback against her, but Joey prompted to stay out of as they exit, while at night AP begins to call on Ms. Erlenmeyer, while imitating Phil about Joey being sent to detention and stated to her, from which she's thinks its nothing but a prank, by next day, which AP waiting for, who did not came home until nighttime, tired as he explained that he received a double detention as AP was questioning on Erlenmeyer if he assumed that she's evil, with Joey falling the sleep on AP, leaving him to devise a plan, at school, while Joey was playing with his phone as AP escape, while Pauline asked if Joey willing to face another detention as Joey grimaced as the things he had to do there, while AP poured glue into the chair and added RC wheels on the bottom, as the the teacher and kids entered the class, as Ms. Erlenmeyer sat down, all the sudden her chair moved as it moved back and forth, with the kids cheering as Joey questioning if he had something, and as she returned, with a very vicious look as the kids ran by it, and she walked angrily towards Joey, saying that he'll be ended up in detention for the rest of the school year, as she founded the evidence from Joey's backpack, and later walked off to get her removed from the glued chair, leaving Joey set on a rage while realizing from what AP said about Erlenmeyer and walked off as Pauline figured that AP was behind all of this and left him in the bag, while at home, Joey, with the very vicious look on the face as he writes down the plans on his revenge, as the next day as AP woke up and figured that Joey was not there and looked on the whiteboard, showing a drawing on his plans on a device he was building and tried to call on Pauline, as they got to the front of the school, with Joey building a contraption and as talking randomly as AP claimed that he was the one that did it, with a Joey's face changed as he set in rage while constantly yelling at AP, and as Ms. Erlenmeyer walked out of her car, with Joey trying to stop her before she fall under Joey's contraption and as it swung her afar, as both power up to save her as she finally headed towards the bears as they pushed from it and ended up being mauled by them but finally managed to escape as they see her change to a whole different personality despite of her seeing the terror upon as she did a evil laughter as the sky darkens as she walked towards the top of the fountain and she explained that all of humanity will feel the full force of her wrath as she was lifted by the vortex, leading AP to believe that he was right about her as Joey cheered that he don't have no more detention, leaving both ended with a victory pose as Pauline was not amused by and ended with her walking away from it.


Minor Characters


  • This the first that Joey gets framed for the troublemaking caused by AP
  • The running gag of the episode are:
    • Joey constantly ends up going to detention whenever AP do something that is troublemaking to Ms. Erlenmeyer.
    • AP constantly gets Ms. Erlenmeyer's name all wrong and spells it differently or incorrectly.
  • The part where Pauline says "Just created a new supervillain", the line will later referenced in Claude Returns, when instead Joey say this.