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Absorbo-Lad Gallery Transcript

Absorbo-Lad is the 21st episode of Season 1 in Atomic Puppet (Series).


Atomic Puppet and the Alliance for Justice struggling to overcome a new rival that absorbed all their super powers.[2] [3]


At the nighttime, with Joey and AP searching for any cativity until they found the light signal with the logo, as both found the light source, an unknown guy coming towards them as falsely told them that the Justice Alliance needed their help, AP refused to believe that they needed them just as the guy showed them a badge which he claimed to be communicator pin, who AP accepted, just as he jumped and hugged on AP and Joey, a suspicious look on his face as bith realize that they getting weaker while the guy begin to grew buff and had took both them to the headquarters, meanwhile Cavalier, Robo-Ron and Beacon were playing the space galatic game and as they won on it, they recognized seeing AP and Joey, looked drained, as they saw guy, and was displaying fear as AP and Joey assumed that the guy said that they needed their help, but Cavalier explained that the guy was no more than Absorbo-Lad, who went to get them by absorbing each of their powers by touching them, as he collected enough powers from them, who are rendered powerless, Absorbo-Lad devised his plan as he had them held in a laser cage, and had escaped the hq towards earth, with AP and Joey able to unpower as to free AP, who could get through and deactivate the gate, freeing others, as Robo-Ron was unable to get the code, due to having a lack of power and intelligence, which led them to send AP and Joey on the robotic armor suits, but as Robo-Ron teleported them, they ended up on the wrong planet, and was sent back again to Earth, Meanwhile in Mega City, as the old lady was high up on the tree with her cat on the ground, as Absorbo-lad had grabbed the tree and had crushed on them, with the crowd screaming as he wreaked havoc, as AP and Joey landed, they launched an a attack on Absorbo-Lad, with AP tossed Joey onto Absorbo-Lad, causing both to crash on a stone pillar, with him emerging from the tar pond and shot a laser on them, with Joey launching several missles on Absorbo-lad, which he dodged a few until he was hit by a last missle, causing him fall on the ground, while being covered with green stuff, and AP falling on him, while being repeled back to the tire yard, AP and Joey was on to the point to give him his weakness as he was charging at Joey until he pulled the mirror, who was finding himself attracted, until Joey spilled nano-insects on Absorbo-Lad's arm, causing it to attack his arm, as he shot a laser which it was reflected by a prism, and his arm automatically punches him unconcious, while back at the headquarters as they used the regenerating machine as they finally regain their powers, as Robo-Ron was able to stop the ship from hurtling towards the black hole, until the hq's powers were drained, as they figured that Absorbo-lad was sabotaging and absorbing the wire's power, and struck the group as they dodged from it, as he damaged the monitor while also absorbing the power, Joey devised that the only to rid Absorbo-Lad was to jettisoned him from the ship, as Robo-Ron, opened the hatch door with Absorbo-Lad being blown away as he latched on Joey's leg as he was hit by an asteroid, while Beacon latched a lasso to allow Joey and AP to launch back the ship and as the HQ sped past the metorite with Absorbo-Lad calling as it rotates.


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  • This is the Justice Alliance's second appearance since their first in "Justice Alliance".
  • In this episode, which it revealed mostly the Justice Alliance's weakness, which was used upon Absorbo Lad:
    • Cavalier's weakness is staring at himself in the mirror, which have been explained since "Justice Alliance"
    • Robo-Rob's weakness is being short-circuited by swarm of nano-insects.
    • Beacon's weakness is a prism because it can neutralize his laser that he projects.
  • While A.P. stated that he doesn't have a weakness and not considering that he has a lot that is found in other episodes.
  • In the beginning of the episode, a light signal that was made Absorb-lad is similar to the ones from the DC Comics Batman series, when it is used as the signal.