AP vs. Disastro II Gallery Transcript

AP vs Disastro II is the 20th episode of Season 1 of Atomic Puppet (Series).[2]


Mr. Felt's cat is transformed into an evil genius who is determined to exact revenge on Atomic Puppet.[3]


Meanwhile at the Mega City tv station, where everyone brought in their cats, starts off with Bubbles, playing with his tail, as he sit in a folded position and fell, but carried by Phil and also petted Bubbles, as remarked as he said that Bubbles looks way better than everyone's cat as Joey replied that it's not meant to said it everyone's cat, but Phil keeps saying that Bubbles still looks better, when a spokewoman called on Bubble's turn, as they made they way inside the studio, with Phil snd Joey sitting aside, as the director, saying the parts needed for Bubbles to take direct with, as he said action, with the camera rolling, Bubbles stood and did nothing, but as Phil tells Bubbles to lick, as he used the clipboard as a example, but as Bubbles stood there and then farted, leaving Phil to cover his face upon he clipboard, as AP came out and started chuckling as he making fun of Bubbles, as Phil got off from the chair and sadly replied that he wasted the director's time, but as the director received a call, and abruptly announced that Bubbles had won the auditions, and also won a large amount of Kitty Snickles" and starts campaign at least 2 weeks or so, whick leaving Phil, hugging Bubbles as he fell proud of him, and said it like he never had a son like him, as Joey replied him, while Phil handed Bubbles to Joey while he purposely teased as he made fun of them, rendering them as they got angry, alongside with their cats.

Meanwhile, Joey and AP walked as they Bubbles to the car while AP describes Bubbles in a several mean thing about Bubbles, such as called him, "The Most Disgusting Cat" and "Dumbest Cat", while Joey flatly replied as said that was really weird, just as they head towards the car, here Phil coming out, and yelled Joey to get into the car as Phil was covered with cats, attacking him as well as other cats followed, at home, feeling Bubbles, the food, revealing a several amount of bandages from the injury caused by the cats, as he walked on the change his bandages, AP popped out the curtains from underneath the sink and had suspicous feeling for Bubbles to keep an on him, a weird sound which is heard from Bubbles, as AP turned and then walked and called Bubbles a "Stupid Cat", as Bubbles stopped, his eyes lit red.

At night, while Joey is finishing off by brushing his teeth, with AP, asleep, all the sudden, a eerie music sounding as Bubbles, suspicious emerges from the lava lamp, with AP abruptly awake, and Bubbles scaringly booed on AP, causing AP to scream in fear, but his mouth was covered by Bubbles, as he gave a evil laughter, then jumped off. As AP tried convincing Joey, but was rejected as Bubbles grabbed AP and then tried to unravel him the machine until Joey arrived as figured out, while Joey was sewing up AP and AP also stated that it wasn't what Bubbles would normal do, so they later figured that Mintenburg was responsible as he stated that he wanted the create something that it'll make pets small, but has slight defect as he was willing to give AP and Joey the formula. At the Mega City Park, as both arrived, they confronted Disastro as he employs the group of cats by which failed and he also emplyed the large robot, willing to encounter with AP and Joey, all the sudden, a group of hamsters tosses the paperplanes onto the robot until more came and dislodged Disastro from it with one tosses the antidote, thereby Bubbles went back to normal as the Mintenburg arrived but remove the remanins and exited, the next morning as Phil exclaimed that Bubbles was no longer the spoke-cat for Kitty Snickles, with him walking away and as lastly AP replied on Bubbles before he pounced on AP.


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  • This episode is a sequel of AP vs. Disastro.
    • As the name was mentioned by AP.
  • This is Bubbles first major role.
  • The last part from what Phil said about Bubbles being this close to taking over the world, is referring to Bubble's Villainous side from where Phil wasn't aware of.