AP vs. Disastro Gallery Transcript

AP vs. Disastro is the second episode of Atomic Puppet.


Joey takes Bubbles to the Mega City Kitty Expo.


NOTE: The process of the plot to be fill is in Work in process

The episode begins with Joey in the kitchen, piling up snacks on the table, while drinking up the carton of orange juice, just as he opened the refrigerator door, AP popped out, making Joey, spit out the orange juice on AP, while AP frantically decide that him and Joey needed to power up, while Joey questions, as AP said something to do about Disastro, which he inclemently referring to Bubbles, the Cat, while Joey did not buy the story right and while AP tried explaining that Bubbles, gave him one of those looks, but Joey explained that Bubbles wouldn't hurt a fly, while a fly landed on Bubble's nose, just to be proven, as Joey turned away, the fly started fly off, but were devoured by Bubbles, much as suspense to AP, he reiterated Joey and still thinks Bubbles is evil, just as the flashback rolled in, showing AP on Joey's bed, taking some clothing out the suitcase, suddenly a ball of yarn rolled upon it, as Bubbles radiply pounced and chased AP, while Joey annoyed and said that he don't wanna hear any more stories about Disastro, he added that all he wanted to do get in Alien Blaster IV, and eat cheese curls and drink soda, and added by wearing a super-absorbent adult underpants, which AP weirdly refers as a diaper, while Joey lastly replied to AP, not to say anything about Bubble, while trying to remove from AP's grasp, and flew to Bubbles food bowl, Just as AP replied to he'll be keeping an eye on Bubbles, which Bubbles softly purred, scaring AP away.

As the phone rings, Phil answered, while the caller explained that the Bubbles is evil, while Phil furiously replied that Bubbles is not pure evil, as he loudly called Joey, just as he explained that he's in the middle of the scene and is unable to pause the scene, while Phil asked that if Joey is wearing a diaper, quickly repelled, and replied Joey of his problem with Bubbles, but as Joey tried to explain but was cut off by Phil, leaving him to go check on Bubbles if he's trumatized, while AP appeared, with the wagon full of posters with a picture of Bubbles with a moustache, with Joey angrily replied of what AP did this time, while AP said that he's only looking after #1 and #2, just as Phil came in with Bubbles and sawed the poster in shock, which Joey tries to explain but was once again cut off, and Phil angrily added that Joey had to make him up by taking Bubbles to the Mega City kitty show, as AP and Joey walking through, just as a vender was giving away laser pointers, with AP using it to think he was going to "incinerate" Bubbles which all it did was to make Bubble attemp to catch, thereby shaking the cage...



  • Phil mentions that Bubbles tickled on Joey's toothbrush, which it shocked Joey a bit, causing him to mve his tongue around to see if he didn't have any fur in his mouth.
  • This is the first time that Joey get accused of something that he had no involvement in and was caused by AP's action.
  • Despite of Joey wearing an absorbent underwear, which by Phil and AP refers it as a diaper.
  • This episode alongside with the paired episode had minor color issues since it's release where some characters looked slighty yellow.